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Shen Yong, Chairman of the International Symposium on ISEAT Electroacoustic Technology, visited McGregor

Author: Tracy Leibo11-18 | 2015

Chairman of ISEAT International Symposium on Electroacoustic Technology, Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University 

Professor Yong Shen visited McGregor Company for guidance and exchange

1On the afternoon of January 16, Professor Yong Shen from the Institute of Acoustics of Nanjing University, Chairman of the International Symposium on ISEAT Electroacoustic Technology, visited McGregor and conducted exchanges. The founder of the company, President Shunichi Sasaki, and General Manager Cheng Chunjin warmly received the visiting guests.
As the chairman of the International Symposium on ISEAT Electroacoustic Technology, Professor Yong Shen has a good reputation in the field of international acoustics. He has been engaged in high-tech, application development and basic theoretical research of audio acoustics for a long time, in electroacoustics theory research, audio computer virtual measurement and control instrument research and development, hall acoustics research and design, audio acoustic measurement, sound field computer simulation, sound system CAD and CAT, speaker arrays, high-quality electro-acoustic device research and development, audio acoustics test sound environment research, car audio acoustics research, home theater and Hi-Fi He has made achievements in the fields of sound research, anechoic room and audition room design. In recent years, he has published more than 30 academic papers in core journals such as SCI/EI, applied for 9 national invention patents and 1 national utility model patent, presided over or participated in dozens of scientific research projects, and applied scientific research results in many enterprises.
Since its establishment in 1979, McGregor has provided high-quality Magnetizer, magnetic measuring instrument.
During the visit, Professor Shen watched the demonstration of our company’s newly launched high-power motor overall magnetization equipment and high-precision magnetic field distribution tester; and conducted in-depth exchanges with President Shunichi Sasaki and engineers on the overall magnetization technology of the Halbach array .
(Link) Halbach array (Halbach Array) is a magnet structure, which is an approximate ideal structure in engineering. The goal is to generate the strongest magnetic field with the least amount of magnets. In 1979, the American scholar Klaus When Halbach did an electron acceleration experiment, he discovered this special permanent magnet structure and gradually improved this structure, eventually forming the so-called "Halbach" magnet.