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  • 11th Floor, 1st Floor, Building B, Zhong'an Technology Center, No.117 Huaning Road, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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After-sales support content

  • Device setting import support

    When importing devices to customers, our engineers are responsible for the installation work according to the customer's environment.

  • Business trip repair support

    Engineers perform equipment maintenance through on-site maintenance on business trips. A system that can provide prompt support in the event of an emergency. In addition, we attach importance to communication with customers and propose solutions that best suit customer needs, with the goal of providing accurate support.

  • Storage repair support

    Support for sending damaged or malfunctioning devices to our company and returning them after repairs. We provide short-term and high-quality repair support.

  • Device relocation support

    We have always responded safely and quickly to the customer’s equipment movement caused by the change in the layout of the installation source and the installation operation of the equipment from the installation source to the relocation location.

  • Regular inspection support

    After the devices are confirmed through strict operation tests, they are handed over to the customer. However, according to the customer's use environment and frequency of use and other conditions, the aging of the parts and the aging period are different. In order to use the equipment in the best condition, and to prevent any failure, I We provide regular inspection support. Repair the problem areas.

  • Improved support

    When the conditions and specifications of the devices are changed, in order to maximize the performance of the devices, we provide support for improvement and optimization.

  • Repair, improvement, and inspection support of other companies' products (consultation)

    It also repairs, improves, and inspects the products of other companies, and provides support for use in the best condition through communication with customers.

  • Provide device parts support (consultation)

    Provide device parts support, if the customer can replace the installation parts, provide parts. (※Because it is dangerous work, please be sure to consult with our company.)

  • Overseas support

    Our company has established a support system for the whole world from various bases in Japan, China, and Thailand. (※Because it is dangerous work, please be sure to consult with our company.)