Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

400+ complete solutions for magnetic poles to meet your diverse needs

Robot industry application


In the robotics industry, the magnetization in the production of industrial robots and household robots, the magnetic properties of magnets, and the demagnetization during reuse can all be applied to McGregor's products.


Actual application:



  • Low energy consumption

    In order to use the magnetizer & magnetic field-oriented power supply more accurately and effectively, with low energy consumption, so that the product can get the best use effect, according to different product characteristics, accurate calculation and customization can meet the requirements of the product saturation magnetization. And coil specifications.

  • Difficult solution

    Provide solutions to the difficulties of different products to meet the needs of production and quality assurance.

  • Magnetic pole analysis

    Conduct magnetic pole analysis on products, and bring customers solutions to abnormal products and directions for improvement.