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"Magnetic performance test" is expected to become an international standard

Author: Tracy Leibo07-18 | 2019

On the afternoon of July 16, at the 18th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperation Forum held in Takamatsu, Japan, Zhao Qisan, assistant general manager of McGregor Electronics Co., Ltd. from Shenzhen, published the "Integral Magnetization of Electric Vehicle Rotor Proposal for the International Standard Project of "Testing Methods of Magnetic Properties".

There is currently no international standard for “magnetic performance test of motor rotor after integral magnetization”. Prior to this, the standard proposal submitted by McGregor had been finalized by the National Standards Committee. Among the seven project proposals submitted by China, the McGregor proposal was listed first in the forum. This not only means that Shenzhen Enterprises actively participate in international standardization activities, but also shows that Shenzhen standards are expected to become international standards for related technologies in the new energy automobile industry.

The three core components of electric vehicles are motors, batteries, and electronic control. The drive motors used in electric vehicles are different from conventional industrial motors. They usually require frequent starting, stopping, acceleration, and deceleration, high torque at low speeds or climbing, and low torque at high speeds. The quality of the drive motor determines the quality of the electric vehicle, and the selection and performance of the drive motor rotor magnetization process determines the quality of the drive motor. According to the industry, if the magnetization is not good, the motor cannot rotate; if the motor cannot rotate, the car cannot run.

McGregor is a national high-tech enterprise established in Shenzhen in 2003 that specializes in high-end magnetization and demagnetization, magnetic measurement, and magnetic field processing. After years of R&D and operation, McGregor has applied for and obtained more than 20 invention patents, utility models, software copyrights and other intellectual property rights including "Multipole Motor Rotor Integral Magnetization Device and Method" and "Online Automatic Magnetization Detection Method". New Energy Vehicle Integral Magnetization Testing Engineering Technology Center, McGregor Magnetic Measurement Laboratory, McGregor Magnetic Field Simulation Laboratory. The drive motor rotor integral magnetizing equipment developed and manufactured by it has been operated by Shenzhen BYD, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric, Shanghai Electric Drive and other companies. At present, McGregor is building eight technology and service platforms including online overall magnetization, precision magnetic energy measurement, magnetic energy simulation, automotive ABS, EPS magnetic reference sheet magnet analysis, magnetic energy flaw detection, and precision magnetic component development.

In addition to R&D and innovation, McGregor is also actively exploring the drafting of this international standard. In April 2019, McGregor submitted to the National Standards Committee the international standard project proposal of "Testing Methods for Magnetic Performance of the Overall Magnetization of Electric Vehicle Rotors". After passing the final review of the National Standards Committee, it was recommended to the 18th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperation forum.

In the past, international standard makers were often the dominant developed countries in the world's multilateral trading system. Participating in the formulation of standards has become a magic weapon for companies to participate in international market competition. In recent years, more and more Shenzhen technology companies like McGregor have actively participated in international standardization activities.

According to statistics from the Shenzhen Municipal Standards Committee, Shenzhen has so far participated in the formulation and revision of more than 1,900 international standards and advanced foreign standards, ranking first in the country.