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Application of Automatic Production Line of Magnetic Inspection System

Motor rotor surface magnetism testing equipment:

The meter magnetic table, industrial computer, and Gauss meter are integrated into the meter magnetic table to form a magnetic detection and positioning unit.

Equipment component function:

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Brief introduction of the scheme:

  • 1 Table magnetic station composition:

    Tooling lifting positioning mechanism, workpiece lifting positioning mechanism, down-pressure rotating device, detection and transplanting device, safety protection device, logic control system, software and data analysis system, human-machine interface interaction and other 7 major components.

  • 2 The principle of magnetic detection:

    It mainly measures the surface magnetic field distribution of magnetic materials. The high linearity Hall detection probe scans and analyzes the surface magnetic field of the tested workpiece by fixing it on the rotating platform.

  • 3 Main functions:

    For the magnetic detection of the motor rotor, the workpiece is detected on the magnetic detection platform; the detection results are stored in the local database and file directory (shared reading or copying to the server can be provided).

  • 4 Action description of assembly line work mode:

    The assembly line transports the workpiece to the magnetic working area, and the lifting mechanism is lifted and positioned after the work station detects that the workpiece is in place.

  • 5 Man-machine interface:

    After the operation result of the device is displayed on the touch screen and the process is monitored, the magnetized product is tested by the magnetometer and the test result is displayed on the interface.


This equipment adopts imported Hall chip, accurately collects the surface magnetic density of the workpiece, each layer of data is independently analyzed and set, and the detection result is accurately displayed; the equipment is stable in operation, convenient in operation, simple in debugging, and greatly reduced in cost. In terms of performance, it has the following features:

  • Low power consumption, high efficiencyStable detection, long-term continuous use

  • The system adopts automatic control methodProvide reserved ports for easy upgrade and transformation

  • Provide multiple protections and alarm outputEnsure system safety

  • Simple operation, one-key reset of faultsAccurate touch screen monitoring

  • Real-time production monitoringReal-time counting of good and defective products and alarm prompts

  • Provides Ethernet interfaceCan upload data to the monitoring host

  • Built-in digital Gauss meter