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Magnetizing automation equipment

Magnetizing automation equipment

Online automatic overall magnetization&Testing equipment: MMAS series
Product introduction: The equipment is mainly composed of a magnetizing power supply (ie, a magnetizing energy generator), a workbench, a magnetizing coil module, a chiller, and a magnetic flux detection kit It is composed of a magnetic detection kit and other components. The magnetizing coil, the magnetic flux detection kit, and the meter magnetizing detection kit are installed on the workbench to form a magnetization test integrated. The magnetization power supply and the chiller are independent of the workbench. The magnetization power supply provides the magnetization energy to the magnetization coil, and cold water The machine is used to cool the magnetizing coil when magnetizing.


Product advantages

  •  Low power consumption, high efficiency, stable discharge waveform, long-term continuous use;

  •  The system adopts automatic control mode and provides reserved ports for easy upgrade and transformation;

  •  Provide multiple protection and alarm output to ensure system safety;

  •  Simple operation, one-key reset of faults, precise monitoring of touch screen;

  •  Real-time production monitoring, real-time counting of good and bad products and alarm prompts;

Technical specifications

Magnetizing automation equipment
Magnetizing power supplyPC series customization Start, stop, emergency stop, magnetization control
 Magnetization data storage and control
 Magnetization parameter input and output control
 Result data storage and transmission
 System status Display, fault alarm
 Abnormal magnetizing voltage alarm
 Abnormal magnetizing current alarm
 Charging and discharging cycle is less than 30 seconds
Customize according to customer products
WorkbenchMMAS series customization Cooperate with automatic production line
 Positioning of magnetizing coil
 Status communication with magnetizing power supply
 Signal output: Magnetizing completed, magnetizing station alarm
 Magnetic flux Touch screen display results and upper and lower limit settings
 Magnetization cycle time is less than 30 seconds
Customize according to customer products
Magnetizing coil moduleMY8S series customization Provide magnetic circuit channel to be magnetized
 Provide online magnetic measurement function
 Provide coil temperature detection over-limit alarm
Customize according to customer products
Cooling deviceHC series or equivalent configuration Provide water cooling method
 Temperature upper and lower limit control
 Alarm output
 Remote control
 Cooling capacity: >1000W
Customize according to customer products
High-precision meter magnetic detection kit
 Surface magnetic detection system
 Dedicated Gauss meter
 Industrial computer
 Polarity discrimination;'S' is represented by a negative number, and'N' is represented by a positive number
 Input power; AC220V±5%50/60Hz
 Rated power; 1.3KW
 Rated current; 6A
 Measurable diameter range; ≤300mm (adjustable)
 Measuring range; 0~0.4T/4T
 Accuracy: ±0.5% of range
 Relative humidity: 20%~99% (non-condensing)
 Circuit control mode; PLC+PC
Customize according to customer products
Flux detection kitMFY8 series customization
 Provide magnetic flux detection function
Customize according to customer products