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Automatic production line application of magnetization detection system

Rotor magnetization testing program equipment:

The magnetizing station, flux meter, magnetizing coil, and detecting coil are partly integrated in the magnetizing station to form a magnetizing positioning unit. The magnetizing power supply provides magnetizing energy to the magnetizing station, and the chiller is used for magnetizing during magnetizing. The coil is cooled down.


  • 1. Composition of magnetizing station:

    Tooling lifting positioning mechanism, workpiece lifting positioning mechanism, down-pressing positioning device, magnetizing lifting module, magnetic flux independent detection mechanism, safety protection device, logic control system, human-machine interface interaction and other 8 major components.

  • 2. Magnetizing coil device:

    Mainly composed of magnetizing fixture, magnetizing positioning mechanical mechanism and other main components, and attached with temperature control sensor, overheating alarm function, internal use of Japanese imported wire and insulating materials, high permeability silicon steel sheet, to ensure the best magnetization performance , The magnetization energy consumption is reduced to a minimumTo energy saving effect.

  • 3. Independent magnetic flux detection device:

    The device is responsible for measuring the magnetic flux of the workpiece. The magnetic flux is a change in the intensity of a surface magnetic field. The flux meter mainly depends on the change of the magnetic flux Φ in the closed loop formed by the measuring coil and the movable detection device, and the induced current passes through the detection device. Promote a certain skewness of the measuring coil,The skewness is directly proportional to the magnetic flux, which gives the magnetic flux, in units (Wb).

  • 4. Material method of assembly line tooling:

    The assembly line transports the workpiece to the magnetizing working area, and the lifting mechanism is lifted and positioned after the station detects that the workpiece is in place. PLC reads the magnetic flux value for judgment. The magnetization test result is OK, the jacking mechanism puts the tooling plate and the workpiece back to the next station, and the result is NG sound and light alarm. Shows that, manual intervention operation, a magnetization cycle ends.

  • 5. Water chiller:

    The system is equipped with a chiller. The magnetizing coil generates heat during the magnetization process and needs to be cooled down. The chiller provides a reliable cold water circulation system for the magnetization system. The system has its own cooling cycle flow monitoring, water level monitoring, and temperature monitoring to ensure the operation of the cooling system. stable Sex, reliability. See the magnetizing coil for appearance.

  • 6. Man-machine interface:

    After the operation result of the device is displayed on the touch screen, the process is monitored, the magnetized product undergoes a magnetic flux test and the test result is displayed on the interface, and the history record is saved (depending on the touch screen function)


The magnetizing station adopts an independent magnetic flux detection device to accurately detect the magnetic flux of the product. The equipment is easy to operate, stable in operation, greatly improves production efficiency and yield, and greatly reduces operating costs.

  • Low power consumption, high efficiencyStable discharge waveform, long-term continuous use

  • The system adopts automatic control methodProvide reserved ports for easy upgrade and transformation

  • Provide multiple protections and alarm outputEnsure system safety

  • Simple operation, one-key reset of faultsAccurate touch screen monitoring

  • Real-time production monitoringReal-time counting of good and defective products and alarm prompts

  • Provides Ethernet interfaceCan upload data to the monitoring host

  • Built-in digital flux meter