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Use of magnetizer

The function of the magnetizer is to magnetize the magnet. Magnets are not magnetic when they are just produced. They must be magnetized by a magnetizer before they can be magnetized.  


Main application areas of magnetizer:

Magnetic materials: Ferrite, NdFeB, AlNiCo, Samarium Cobalt, plastic magnet

Motors:Various micro motors, DC motors, synchronous motors

Electroacoustic industry: Various speakers, microphones, telephones, buzzers

Generator:Car ignition, charging, tachometer, pulse generator

Instruments: Ammeter, fuel gauge, tachometer, watt-hour meter

Electronics:CD-R suction cups, printers, coin-operated machines, mahjong machines

Fans: Various axial fans, car cooling fans, computer CPU fans

Metal:Machinery manufacturing, hardware tools, mold processing

Others: compass, refrigerator door seal, stationery, toys, health supplies, packaging supplies