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What is a magnetizer?

The magnetizing machine is also called the magnetizing machine, the magnetizing machine, the magnetizing machine. Its function is to magnetize the magnet. Magnets are not magnetic when they are just produced. They must be magnetized by a magnetizer before they can be magnetized.

The magnetizer is a kind of fast saturation magnetization equipment, which is specially used for magnetizing various strong magnetic materials to make it have the basic characteristics of permanent non-demagnetization. The magnetizer can quickly saturate the magnetizing equipment and is dedicated to the magnetization of various magnetic materials. Magnetizer is a device to realize product magnetization. Its types include capacitive pulse magnetizer, pulse magnetizer without energy storage, and constant current magnetizer.

The working principle of magnetizing machine (magnetizing power supply):

The capacitor is first charged with a DC high voltage voltage (ie, energy storage), and then discharged through a coil (magnetizing fixture) with a very small resistance. The peak value of the discharge pulse current is very high, reaching tens of thousands of amperes. This current pulse generates a strong magnetic field in the magnetizing fixture, which can permanently magnetize the magnetic material placed in the magnetizing fixture. When the magnetizer capacitor is working, the peak value of the pulse current is extremely high, and the magnetizing frequency is also relatively high, which requires high performance of the capacitor to withstand the impact current.

The main parameters of the magnetizer (magnetizing power supply):

1.Power supply: AC 220V±10%  380V±10%   50Hz-60Hz

2.Working temperature 0°C -40°

3.Working magnetizing voltage: 0V-1000V; 0V-1500V; 0V-2500V,0-6500V

4.Magnetizing current: instant 3000A-30000A

5.Capacity: 200μf-30000μf, use capacitors according to specific conditions

Magnetizing machine (magnetizing power supply) application field:

Magnetic materials: Ferrite, NdFeB, AlNiCo, Samarium Cobalt, plastic magnet

Motors:Various micro motors, DC motors, synchronous motors

Electroacoustic industry: Various speakers, microphones, telephones, buzzers

Generator:Car ignition, charging, tachometer, pulse generator

Instruments: Ammeter, fuel gauge, tachometer, watt-hour meter

Electronics:CD-R suction cups, printers, coin-operated machines, mahjong machines

Fans: Fans: Various axial fans, car cooling fans, computer CPU fans

Metal:Machinery manufacturing, hardware tools, mold processing

Others: compass, refrigerator door seal, stationery, toys, health supplies, packaging supplies