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Magnetic measuring instrument

Magnetic measuring instrument

Teslameter: TM-10A
Product introduction: TM-10 digital Gauss meter is a special instrument for measuring DC and pulsed magnetic induction based on the principle of Hall effect. It is magnetic One of the most widely used measuring instruments in the measurement field. The TM-10 Gauss meter is mainly used to measure the magnetic field strength, the magnetic field distribution on the surface of the magnet, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet motor, the horn leakage field, and the measurement of some special magnetic fields.

Product advantages

  •  High precision

  •  Good stability

  •  High-speed measurement

  •  Wide measuring range

  •  With peak test (PEAK) function

  •  With maximum test (MAX function)

Technical specifications

Teslameter TM 10A
Serial numberprojectTechnical ParametersRemarks
1Input powerAC 100V~230V、50/60hz、FUSE 1ACan be exported overseas
2Measuring range0~10T
3RangeMax 9.999T
4Gear adjustment0.1T/1T/10T
5Display digits4Bit5 digits can be customized
6Display contentReal-time value, peak value, polarity, unit
7Display unitGauss (Gs)/Tesla (T)Unit can be switched
8Resolution0.01mTHigh precision 0.01mT
9Precision±(0.5% of reading + 0.05% of full scale)
10Zero driftFull scale ±10V
11input resistanceBetter than ±0.05%/℃
12Communication InterfaceRS-232 (standard), RS-485, CAN, USBOptional
13sizeLength 340mm x Width 299mm x Height 136mm
14weightAbout 5kg
16The main functionMagnetic meter measurement, pulse magnetic field, peak hold, upper and lower limit settingOptional