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Demagnetizing equipment

Demagnetizing equipment

Magnetizing power supply: PC-2500 series
Product introduction: The magnetizing power supply is composed of a large-capacity capacitor, SCR (silicon controlled silicon) and a control circuit. The voltage of the power supply is increased, and the capacitor is changed into DC through the rectifier to charge the capacitor. The high-voltage DC energy is stored in the capacitor. After SCR control, the high-voltage energy is discharged through the magnetizing coil to generate a strong magnetic field and saturate the magnet. According to different magnetizing coils, the charging voltage can be adjusted arbitrarily within the rated range. It can be used for magnetizing products made of permanent magnets, such as horns, DC motors, rubber magnets, toys, etc., with low energy consumption, high efficiency, and magnetizing speed Fast and good performance; equipped with remote control socket, can be used in automatic production line.


Product advantages

  •  Low power consumption.

  •  It can be magnetized once every 6 seconds.

  •  Can use foot switch or remote control switch remote operation.

  •  The charging voltage digital meter shows that the charging voltage can be adjusted arbitrarily within the rated range.

  •  Can be used continuously for a long time.

  •  Because the charging adopts the soft-start control method, the input current is stable and no impact during charging.

Technical advantages

◇ Even if it is not connected to the magnetizing coil, the high voltage charge in the capacitor can be automatically discharged inside the machine, making the operation safer.

◇ The charging voltage adopts a constant voltage control method. When the capacitor is charged, the magnetizing voltage will remain at the same voltage each time. The magnetizing ready indicator will not light up if the magnetizing voltage is not reached, and it will not even if the magnetizing switch is pressed. Magnetizing, in this way, ensure that the magnetic field strength is the same every time during magnetizing, and no error will occur.

◇ The control circuit adopts the form of printed circuit board, which is more convenient for maintenance and repair.

◇ Using dual SCRs to achieve dual channel independent selection output, simple operation.

Technical specifications

Demagnetizing equipment
Serial numberprojectTechnical Parameters
1Input powerAC220V OR AC380V 1Φ50/60Hz
2Input CurrentVaries according to capacitor capacity and charging time requirements
3Magnetizing voltage50~2500VDCOptional voltage level
4Magnetizing currentMaximum current 50KA (depending on actual use)
5Magnetization beat2s~above
6Capacitance100uF~ above (optional specifications)
7main applicationLow-power motor rotor, neodymium iron small horn magnetizing