Success Case

Success Case

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Success Case

Guangdong Motor Production Workshop

Equipment composition:

Motor rotor surface magnetism testing equipment: the surface magnetism table, industrial computer, and Gauss meter are integrated in the surface magnetism table to form a surface magnetism The detection and positioning are integrated.

Table magnetic table: After the rotating mechanism drives the rotor at a uniform speed, the rotor is tested layer by layer to realize the database Security monitoring.

Industrial computer: The main function is to detect and control the production process, electromechanical equipment, and process equipment.

Gauss meter: Surface magnetic measurement (static magnetic field) and pulsed magnetic field measurement after the magnet is magnetized.

Device details:

This equipment adopts imported Hall chip, accurately collects the surface magnetic density of the workpiece, each layer of data is independently analyzed and set, and the detection result is accurately displayed; the equipment is stable in operation, convenient to operate, and easy to debug. The cost is greatly reduced, etc.

main feature:

  • 1. Low power consumption, high efficiency, stable detection, and continuous use for a long time;

  • 2. The system adopts automatic control mode and provides reserved ports for easy upgrade and transformation;

  • 3. Provide multiple protection and alarm output to ensure system safety;

  • 4. Simple operation, one-key reset of faults, precise monitoring of touch screen;

  • 5. Real-time production monitoring, real-time counting of good and bad products and alarm prompts;

  • 6. Provide an Ethernet interface to upload data to the monitoring host;

  • 7. Built-in digital Gauss meter

Application details:

  • High-intensity data collection applications that easily cope with business peaks have greatly improved work efficiency.

  • Magnetic field distribution curve display: two-dimensional, three-dimensional and polar coordinate display, which improves work efficiency.

  • Historical data query and analysis, operator and administrator authority classification, improve work efficiency and management benefits.

  • The probe is automatically positioned and equipped with safety protection and anti-collision capabilities, and the safety performance has been greatly improved.

  • Provide real-time logistics tracking information query, customer satisfaction rate has also been improved.

  • The overall structure is stable in design, simple and convenient to maintain, and comprehensively improves the corporate image and service level.